FTCC Best Sunday Hit

Amazing. Surprise. Blessing. Those were just some of the words that were being said after amazing.

Amazing. Surprise. Blessing. Those were just some of the words that were being said after amazing individual performances and group performances at last night’s FTCC Sunday Best Showcase. Definitely living up to its hype, FTCC’s Sunday Best night was truly a blessing a night to remember. Executive Producers Pastor Nathan and his wife Myrlande expressed just relief that the night went off without a hitch. Co-MC’s Frantz “Junior” Cham and Rothly “Roth-Ryder” Laguerre kept the audience engaged and in a spirit of worship with a great praise team.

The program featured four phases. First off was the rebirth of the youth choir as H20. Formerly known as NGP the youth choir had been under construction for many months as many of its older members had either become too busy with family obligations or gone away to college. This new group was also marked by the emergence of a new leader. Meria “Mich” Petit-Bois was inspiring in her debut performance as choir director. Taking over for Sephora Jean-Leger who is currently in law school, Ms. Petit-Bois had great shoes to fill. Ms. Jean-Leger helped to resurrect a youth choir that was languishing by combining it with a kids’ choir that had really just outgrown its name as “kids”. The result was an intergenerational choir that follows in the mode of other successes such as Mark Kibble’s Judah Generation. The group’s selections: “I Love You Jesus” as song by Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise, as well as “When you praise” of Fred Hammond fame, moved the crowd to worship and this was just the opening act. What followed was an increasing level of anointing beginning with six-year Allrdige Prinston winning the award for best singer under 8 years old. The young male award went next to crowd-favorite and heavily-favored Vladimir Came whose ability to hit high notes just stunned the audience.